Participating in the COVID-19 vaccine trial part two

Victoria Hernandez

October 23, 2020

Working with life science organizations who create vaccines that help patients, I thought it was apt to immerse myself in the vaccine approval process given the opportunity. I signed up for the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine trial. I wrote about the beginning of this vaccination journey, and below is the first follow-up post of this two-year dedication to science.

Post-vaccine injection

“After the injection, my arm was sore for most of the day…”

After I received my first injection, I was informed that I would only need to record any symptoms once per week. The e-diary was simple and easy-to-follow. It was straightforward. After signing in using the code I set up, it’s a three-step process:

  • Click on the “COVID-19 illness Diary”
  • Click yes or no
  • Click submit

Then I log out and do the same in seven days’ time. I hadn’t experienced any new symptoms, so I’m not sure what would happen if I were to choose “yes.”

If I remember correctly, I would submit the self-test they gave me, or they would call me to set up an appointment and I’d go into the clinic. But, no symptoms as of yet. So it’s not something I think about.

Second Injection

Several weeks later I was to receive my second injection. This visit was similar to the first:

  • Interaction with person 1 – I checked-in at the front desk and received a temperature check.
  • Interaction with person 2 – I followed a person to a room.
  • Interaction with person 3 – Another person came in and asked for a urine sample, again to confirm I wasn’t pregnant. (I would like to note this time the person gave me a pair of disposable gloves to use. I appreciated that.) This person also asked if I was taking any medications and if I had received any other vaccinations. I had not and was not taking any medications.
  • Interaction with person 4 – A nurse came in to do a nasal swab.
  • Interaction with person 5 – Two people came in: one person gave me the injection, and the second person again had a computer. Again, I waited 30 minutes to make sure there was no adverse reaction.

This time after the injection, my arm was sore for most of the day, whereas after the first injection I felt nothing. Then I began receiving messages each day to complete the e-diary, noting whether or not I’ve developed symptoms. That lasted about eight days. Now I’m back down to completing the e-diary once a week until my next appointment.

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