Game-changing HOP Teaming Dataset Released To Innovators

April 1, 2020

The HOP Teaming Dataset from CareSet offers the most detailed and up-to-date picture of the patient-sharing relationships found between all U.S. Medicare providers

HOUSTON (PRWEB) - Today CareSet released the updated HOP Teaming Dataset at Academy Health’s Datapalooza. The release is a game-changing dataset that offers the most detailed and up-to-date picture of patient-sharing relationships between all Medicare providers in the US healthcare system.

The updated HOP Teaming dataset continues to provide some of the most timely and necessary insights into how healthcare ecosystems work across the US,” says J. Tod Fetherling, CEO of Perception Health. Perception Health uses the HOP Teaming dataset to help customers fully understand their markets and provide better care for the communities they serve.

The HOP Teaming Dataset is also one of the largest social graph datasets of any kind that is available with real person and business names included. Over the years, the data has become more reliable. Between 2015 and 2016, NPIs that were once hidden became visible. The data has stabilized since then, and by looking at the data one thing is for sure, the ecosystem is changing.

This is the fifth year CareSet has released the dataset. The commercial version is available for a nominal fee, and previous years are available at no cost.

About CareSet SystemsCareSet ( is transforming the way biomedical companies go to market. We believe in getting the best treatments to the right patients quickly and efficiently. We do that by analyzing government data sources, such as Medicare claims data. With CareSet, biomedical companies become better at serving the patient community.

About Perception HealthWith more than 26 billion medical claims and 7 million more added every day, we have the industry's strongest and fastest growing data framework. Add the simple, at-a-glance visuals, and the personalized expertise from our data scientists and you have a full spectrum of tools that help validate strategies and optimize workflows that benefit providers, payers, and patients across your entire system.

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