CareSet Stands Tall at PMSA Annual Conference

Alma Trotter

May 23, 2019

2019 was CareSet’s third attendance at the annual meeting held in San Diego. At our fist PMSA, we were two people with a lot of heart and a lot of ground to cover. This year, with a growing team and a growing reputation, it made sense to show up in full force. Co-founder and CTO, Fred Trotter, led data classes prior to the beginning of the conference. The class was well-received and CareSet looks to provide similar classes in the future. Also making a name for himself, co-founder Ashish Patel presented a poster and gave a talk during the general sessions. Another standout, Operations Manager, Sandra Ozigbo, was a part of the Women in Analytics luncheon roundtable.

Pre-Conference Tutorial

In case you missed it, CareSet’s 2017 Hop Teaming Dataset is officially available. 2016 and previous years are currently free to download. Those who attended Fred’s pre-conference course gained exclusive access to work with the data during their time at PMSA. Industry leaders from more than a dozen major manufacturers were in the room. Here are a few quotes from anonymous survey respondents:

“Fantastic class, and worth the cost of the conference alone”

“I gained a better understanding of DocGraph, what it can be used for, and what skill set is needed to analyze it”

People have enjoyed the classes. CareSet looks to continue to teach courses at other events. Currently scheduled, next month at Academy Health’s Annual Research Meeting (ARM), Fred will be teaching two classes on data.

If you would like to be the first to know when the next classes will be, join the DocGraph Google Group.

PMSA Conference Sessions & Poster

There were a lot of great presentations at the conference. Our own, Ashish Patel, co-presented with Mert Sahin of GE Healthcare. This was a special presentation. Sahin was unable to be in attendance at the conference. How does one co-present while working elsewhere? The power of technology. We pre-recorded Sahin’s portion of the presentation and Ashish played sections of it throughout the talk. It was almost seamless. Almost.

You can check out the presentation here – Targeting and Segmentation

In addition to his targeting presentation, Ashish also had a poster on payment delays affecting marketing. You can view the poster here – Payment Delays

If you would have any questions for Ashish from his poster or presentation, feel free to reach out to him directly.

Women in Analytics

In its inaugural meeting, the women in analytics luncheon begat many great questions and conversations. Led by Arlene Little of Proteus Digital Health, the luncheon (which was open to men, as to be inclusive) sparked several key concerns many women shared, including building confidence in themselves around data. Sandra spread some great advice given to her by others on how to navigate challenges specific to women.

The End

As always, CareSet enjoyed their time at PMSA. Between the pre-conference networking, the boat ride dinner, and our own outings, we had a great time in San Diego. We look forward to next year’s conference in Louisville!

Thanks to PMSA, we’re excited about the present:

We’re following up with all the attendees and providing customized versions of the general session discussion. Ashish is currently traveling in the northeast presenting right now!

For next year’s PMSA, we look forward to continuing to contribute our open-data philosophy to the community of healthcare stakeholders in pharma as well as the rest of the industry.  

Finally, are you attending Future Pharma? Ashish will be leading a roundtable on Biosimilars!

Alma Trotter

Alma helps CareSet with Data Quests. She graduated from UT Austin with a major in Anthropology. After moving to Houston she made cupcakes at the Black Hole coffee shop, managed the Caroline Collective co-working space, and then joined CareSet in 2013. She now pursues a location-independent lifestyle, working remotely for CareSet from New Mexico with her two cats as in-purrson officemates.

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