CareSet reflects, recharges during mid-year review

Alma Trotter

July 1, 2019

Last week at CareSet we had our annual mid-year review. I was not in attendance last year, nor were a lot of current employees. We have nearly doubled in size over the last twelve months and we are still growing. A mid-year review is aptly named. We are in the middle. We reflect on the past, focus on the present, and look forward to the future.

As with most young companies, growth equates to growing pains. However, we were not focusing on that, rather, we took a step back. We took a moment to appreciate where we came from and where we are right now. Oftentimes it is easy to look at where you want to be and to get frustrated that the future you see is not coming to fruition fast enough for your liking. Laura made sure to stomp those thoughts. She showed us insights illustrating our success and gave us the chance to actually pat ourselves on the back.

When you are in a company that is growing and growing quickly, it can become second-nature to always be looking ahead and for the next opportunity. You’re still in this mindset of we-are-surviving-and-we-cannot-stop-now. For your own mental health, it’s good to take a breath once in a while. You get into a new mindset at least for a few moments in time, this-is-where-we-were-and-this-is-where-we-are-look-how-much-we-have-achieved.

We re-evaluated our current strategy, participated in some team building, and learned more about non-violent communication.

Several of us went on a hike and got in touch with nature. We played a fun get-to-know-you game. Some of us stayed through the weekend for a classic Texas river tube trip.

I can’t speak for the entire company, but I can tell you how much I appreciated getting out of the office for a bit. And how much more I appreciate the people I work with every day. Even though we get into creative discussions because we don’t always agree, I’m assured that everyone’s heart is in the right place.

Our mid-year review was a nice getaway and has reset us for the next half of the year. Full speed ahead.

A few future events for CareSet include Future Pharma and our

Health Equity Hackathon. More details coming soon!

Alma Trotter

Alma helps CareSet with Data Quests. She graduated from UT Austin with a major in Anthropology. After moving to Houston she made cupcakes at the Black Hole coffee shop, managed the Caroline Collective co-working space, and then joined CareSet in 2013. She now pursues a location-independent lifestyle, working remotely for CareSet from New Mexico with her two cats as in-purrson officemates.

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